Australians spent $1.3 billion on console gaming in 2007

'StrayaAustralian gamers spent a record $1.3 billion on console games, hardware and peripherals in 2007, up almost 50% over 2006 figures.

Statistics released earlier in the week by market research group GfK Australia, show a 43.6% sales increase from 2006, with 15.4 million games and almost 500,000 consoles being sold. spoke with Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia CEO Ron Curry about the figures.

"Last year, Australians welcomed the arrival of the PS3 (Playstation 3) and marked a full year since the release of the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii," he said.

"The launch of highly anticipated next generation gaming drove console sales to almost $500 million, nearly double the $270 million sold in 2006. The gaming industry is no longer a niche market appealing only to traditional gamers," he said.

Mr Curry attributed the hike in sales to the rising median age of gamers in Australia which has now risen to 28. No longer, it seems, are Australian gamers a group of spotty 15 year old boys, hiding down in their basements playing Dungeons & Dragons and polishing their limited edition Wookie prototypes, complete with ammo belt

One of the more interesting things to come out of the release of the figures is the resurgance in popularity of handheld gaming, with 2007 Nintendo DS software sales peaking just over 2.3 million units, compared with just 840,000 units in 2006.

The PS3 is also rising in popularity, with 48,000 units being sold over Christmas alone, taking sales of the PS3 since it’s release to 145,000. On top of that, an additional 25,000 PS3s were also given away as part of a HDTV promotion over the Christmas period.

Not to be outdone, Microsoft announced that the Xbox 360 has been the most succesful next-generation console in Australia, moving more than 300,000 units since it’s launch in March 2006, with 2 million games and 520,000 accessories to boot.

It’s always great to see sales increasing and gaming moving more and more into the public eye, finally being recognised as an acceptable form of both art and entertainment. Makes me feel all warm inside.



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