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By Kyle Hilliard, July 8, 2011 0 Features

Stop right here. This is going to be a spoiler-rich feature. Do not move past this paragraph if you have not beaten inFAMOUS 2, or perhaps more importantly, you do not want to know what happens in the end of… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, June 28, 2011 0 VG Review

Duke Nukem Forever is not a good game. I wouldn’t recommend buying, or even playing it, unless you really love immature humor, and really miss The Duke. That audience exists, and they will like Duke, and that is totally okay…. Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, June 22, 2011 0 VG Review

It’s a bit unfair to assume that Hunted: The Demon’s Forge is an RPG based purely on its aesthetic, but it’s hard not to. I was about an hour in before it hit me: I’m not playing an RPG; I’m… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, May 24, 2011 0 VG Review

To give you an idea of how truly bad Thor: God of Thunder is, it should be noted that my wife would frequently ask me to stop playing the game as I was preparing for this review. It wasn’t because… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, April 27, 2011 0 VG Review

Portal 2 is difficult to write about because I need to be objective with my thoughts about the game, and translate them into something that doesn’t sound like the caffeine-infused ramblings of someone who is head-over-heels in love with possibly… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, April 18, 2011 0 VG Review

The latest addition to the Pinball FX2 Xbox LIVE oddity is back. The series is a little bit different from other Xbox LIVE games, and you can find out why by clicking here or here to read past reviews of… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, April 15, 2011 0 Features

Portal 2 is less than a week away, which is a little bit further away than it has any right to be. Valve releases are the fabled unbelievable phenomenon of our videogame-obsessed generation. Their actual dates are rarely definable, and… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, March 24, 2011 0 VG Review

Warriors: Legends of Troy, whose generic title is one that you have likely already forgotten, is basically Dynasty Warriors: Greeks vs. Trojans edition. You take on the role of well known Greek, Trojan, and even Amazonian warriors as they duke… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, March 16, 2011 0 Features

The re-release of Beyond Good and Evil and the near constant partnership that pervades the game made me realize something: The presence of genuinely helpful NPC partners are a luxury that only modern gamers have been able to enjoy. To… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, March 4, 2011 0 VG Review

As is customary with video games that follow the exploits of colorful mascots, de Blob 2 was released on a plethora of gaming platforms. However, unlike those other colorful mascots, whose hand-held games are typically sub-par compared to the console… Read More »