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By Sinan Kubba, May 29, 2012 0 VG Review

“It’s just clicking,” they harp, they being the collective mind called The Internet. It’s not true, of course, at least not strictly speaking, as there is plenty of tapping the 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys, and sometimes even Q…. Read More »

By Sinan Kubba, March 3, 2010 0 VG Review

As a chess-loving youngster, I later found its gaming equivalent(-ish) in the fantasy game and series, Heroes of Might and Magic. Early iterations were simple, often ending in bitter endgames. Sometimes these were drawn out over hours, but they were… Read More »

By Sinan Kubba, February 3, 2010 0 VG Review

Were Portal and Half-Life 2 to have a baby – is that incest? – the end result would not be Twin Sector. Primarily because the parents are already expecting, although it’s been a bit of a protracted pregnancy… Half-Life 2:… Read More »

By Sinan Kubba, October 25, 2009 0 VG Review

The following is a review of the game that makes the recent releases of FIFA 10 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 seem trivial. Yes, it’s Football Genius – The Ultimate Quiz (pun credited to GamerNode Director Eddie Inzauto). And that’s… Read More »