Awesomenauts Go Go Robo Power Patch adds two new characters

Awesomenauts, the console multiplayer online battle arena game, gets a patch today, fixing a few of the game’s mild connectivity issues, tweaking some characters in the name of balance, and best of all giving players two completely new characters to play with.

In addition to the balance tweaks and connectivity updates, the Go Go Robo Power Patch (say it ten times really fast…) gives players two brand new Awesomenauts to wage galactic war with…for free!

Coco Nebulon is the first female Awesomenaut, who can use her psycho-electric melee abilities, lightning trails and detonatable lightning ball to mix up the game. The other new character, Derpl Zork, is an idiotic businessman in a transforming combat walker, complete with built-in robot secretary.

GamerNode called Awesomenauts “initially baffling, but later compelling,” and praised it as “a MOBA worth investing in.” New characters for free is always a good thing, fan or not of the colorful sidescroller. Check out the new characters in the patch trailer below.


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