Biggest winners and losers for gamers in 2016

No Man's Sky

From one craze to the next, this trend then the other, the gaming world is constantly evolving; and with each new revolutionary game, gamers expect more from the developers. 2016 had its highs and lows where top games are concerned, with some out-performing others and the others less than living up to their expectations.

It can be said that Pokémon Go is one of 2016’s biggest game releases. When this on-the-go rage came on the scene this year, it took most twenty-something’s on a nostalgic trip and sent download numbers soaring sky high. Every gaming enthusiast wanted to try it out, new players wanted to see what the fuss is about, and even the novice gamer could not resist getting it on their mobile device to get in on the Pokémon action. Entering the virtual Pokémon world where your biggest challenge is capturing gyms scattered around the world and gathering monsters almost feels like you’re watching the world-famous animation series. But is it still at the top of its game?

Gaming stats show that Pokémon Go engagement has declined by 30% since its launch. Although the game has the excitement of roaming around in the real world while capturing powered-up monsters, the big downer here is that there’s not much you could do unless you’ve leveled up to 1,000 combat power. So, for the everyday gamer who plays a few times a month, the actual outcome is a huge shortfall if you don’t play for hours, for months on end. New gamers have complained that there is no real introduction and instructions on how to really get into it, and let’s not forget the shocking design and technical flaws.

It’s no surprise that gaming engagement has decreased for this initially popular game, where cyber communities were eagerly formed simply to help each other navigate the game. What gamers are looking for now, and what Nintendo and Niantic could seriously beef up on, is a better-developed game that would follow-through on its intended promise.

Next on the win-lose list is Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky. The hype created around this space game left many players dissatisfied. When this highly anticipated game hit the shelves, gamers found it left much to be desired in comparison to what had been advertised, with shoddy graphics and tons of glitches. Developers have since claimed that they’re working on fixing current bugs rather than immediately releasing a “better version”. Although there have been promises of free future updates, players are being kept in the dark as to what these updates actually are or when exactly they can be expected.

When you look at top games for a particular year, the furthest from your mind would be online casino games, but Vegas Palms is a sure winner for any novice or skilled player. If you’re looking for an exhilarating gaming experience anywhere, anytime then this online gaming platform provides exactly that. You don’t even need to dress up and leave your home to sit on greasy, land based casino chairs and talk to some slurring geyser who just had one too many. All you need to do is visit and start playing your favorite slots, table games, specialty games and more, and reel in those big bucks. The graphics are incredibly realistic, and safe, secure banking makes online transactions quick and easy. The winning doesn’t stop with Casino Pokies Online, which gives you all the winning thrill in the palm of your hand anywhere, anytime.

A few more big gaming winners for 2016: DICE’s Battlefied 1, which leaps back to WWI with detailed graphics and fastidious guns that provide a more slowed down game for better precision. Firaxis’ Civilization 6 tops the charts where digital board games are concerned and if you’ve ever wanted to manage a city, then this is the one for you – definitely a step up from The Sims. Resident Evil: Biohazard will be coming out of the developing shadows early 2017, with all the spine-chilling horror you need and even better, in first person combat. This is for sure one to look forward to in the new year.


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