Bill Gates spins the Blu-ray story in Microsoft's favor

Blu-RayA few more movie studios are jumping on the Blu-Ray wagon for their choice of HD movie distribution. The last one to choose a side was Warner Brothers, giving HD-DVD owners something to cry about as their library of movie studios are slowly breaking through to the other side.

So are the HD wars over? Some would say yes, while others firmly believe that the HD-DVD still has a chance. What does multi-billionaire Bill Gates think about the whole ordeal?

"HD DVD did well over the holidays. The other trend we’re seeing is that direct download over broadband – I think the greatest example of that is XBox Live – (is) becoming an important choice. Over time, that will be the dominant way that people get their movies."

Oh Bill, that’s what makes you so great, always thinking positively. Or he just knows how to play with words and what he is really saying is "HD-DVD was a concept in which Microsoft would be a big partner with, hence making more money for me and the company. When people finally decided to go Blu, it’s because Blu-Ray rolls off the tongue so much better than HD-DVD. I’m gonna fire the guy who thought of stringing a bunch of letters to name my format!"

Ok, maybe that isn’t exactly what he was thinking, but evidence is starting to show that with more and more film studios choosing one side over another, in the end there can only be one format. But is mighty Bill right about his views on direct downloads?

Well evidence shows that direct downloads of movies and TV shows are definitely on the rise with Apple renting out movies through iTunes, LG announcing a new download box in cooperation with Netflix, and Xbox Live becoming more popular with every passing month.

What do you guys think? Is HD-DVD dead? Will Blu-Ray be the ultimate winner or are direct downloads the wave of the future and put both formats out of the running?

[via cinematical]


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