Bionic Commando multiplayer gameplay

bionic commandoSo Bionic Commando is coming back to the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC later this year and gamers all over the internet have become vocal about their excitement and some about their doubts. In the recent Capcom event Captivate 08, we were treated to new images and gameplay videos of Bionic Commando in action, and not just single-player but the inevitable multiplayer mode as well.

According to the game’s producer Ben Judd, "Up to ten players will take on the role of an ESA Soldier in the games online mode, and will take full advantage of the game’s swing mechanic, which should add an interesting new layer of depth and strategy." The common deathmatch and capture the flag modes will be available at launch, with additional modes to be announced in the future, such as a timed race across the ruins of a city, spider-man style.

Judd also mentioned that the game will support full stat tracking and rankings which will be integrated into Capcom’s online community. Even though the multiplayer mode would’ve been inevitably added it’s good to know that it might be some really fun shooting, dodging, and swinging action. Check out this video showing multiplayer in action and tell us what you think.


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