Bionic Commando swinging to consoles next week?

Swing!For those of you who have been following, Capcom is working on two–not one, two–completely unrelated Bionic Commando games due out in the next few months.

They’re also working on two Street Fighter games that are unrelated and while that is also interesting, today we are talking abut Bionic Commando.

While the all-new adventure dubbed Bionic Commando has a release date set for January, Capcom has been silent on when the remake of the NES classic will hit the PSN and Xbox Live Arcade. While I presume it will be driving the hype train before the IP is relaunched next year, I didn’t think it would be coming until November.

This site (which will translate from probably well-written Japanese into only slightly coherent English) talks a lot about a whole bunch of stuff having to do with the remake, and then ends with both a price and release date for the title. Color me shocked when I read it’s due out next week.

For something that could be the biggest direct download game of the year, you would think that ads on the Xbox marketplace would be in order, or banner ads on IGN, or skins at GameSpot… something. That there was not a peep about this game until now surprises me if it is in fact coming in five days.

Capcom BC

I, for one, think the above image is bogus. While Bionic Commando certainly has the chance to be the biggest downloadable game this year, so does Geometry Wars 2. We reported earlier that Geometry Wars 2 is coming July 30th and it doesn’t make sense to have both of these games coming out on XBLA and PSN on the same day–you spread those games out to fill the calendar.

My guess is that the earliest Bionic Commando is coming is mid-August, probably not until closer to the release of the retail product though.

[via CVG]


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