Bioshock began as a generic Nazi shooter

Bioshock NaziSo we all love Bioshock right? I’m pretty sure we’re all in agreement that even if the final version of the game flops (and all indications from early hands-on sessions of the game suggest that it won’t) it still does wonders for the game industry as a whole.

It’s wonderfully innovative and inventive in terms of plot and atmosphere. It’s pretty much the exact opposite of what it began as. Our beloved Bioshock actually began as a bright, vibrant, island shooter…with Nazi’s. If there’s anything that is the antithesis of Bioshock, it’s an alternate reality WWII Nazi shooter with a cheery colorful palette.

I find it extremely amusing that the game that has been embraced by hardcore gamers more than any other before it since Psychonauts, actually started its life as something we would have seen and said, "oh you must be joking…AGAIN!?"

Bioshock’s developer 2K Boston (formerly Irrational Games) had said recently that initially they had problems getting a publisher for Bioshock. This is probably why. Perhaps even the publishers are getting tired of their customers killing Nazis.

I guess all there is to say is: At least it’s a step above island dwelling Vampire Nazi Zombies…from Mars. [Pictured.]

[Source: CVG]


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