BioShock box art released

The box art for 2K Games and Irrational Games’ upcoming FPS BioShock was released today. It showcases the infamous Big Daddy and Little Sister, who are just two of the major brutes you’ll be facing as you travel through Rapture — the game’s environment.

In the game, Little Sisters are gatherers who extract Adam (stem cells, also the game’s "currency") from dead bodies. Big Daddies are their protectors. Several moral concepts go into facing a Little Sister; for example the conflict of killing children to obtain Adam or the sheer difficulty of overcoming the Big Daddy.

Follow-up information states that while you can’t physically kill a Little Sister (geez that would be pretty cruel); you can harvest them, which essentially "kills" them.

BioShock will run on an enhanced version of the Unreal Engine 3. Special attention was given to the water rendering, which hands-down, is the best water I’ve ever seen since — well, real-life water. Also upon release, BioShock will utilize DirectX 10 but will also support DirectX 9 too.

BioShock will hit stores for PC and Xbox 360 on August 21st (U.S.) or August 24th (Europe).



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