BioShock Confirmed for PS3

BioshockWell PlayStation 3 owners, today is your day. After all the constantly denied rumors, rumblings on message boards, and jabs by the Xbox 360 crowd, BioShock is finally coming to the PlayStation 3. Rejoice, parades, confetti! Unfortunately, this is all we do know except that Jordan Thomas is spearheading project and it should release in time for the holidays.

Can we rule out exclusive content? Not entirely. Obviously, the PlayStation 3 version is going to have to give some incentive as to why we should fork over another sixty-plus dollars on a game from last year. Being bundled with the DLC from XBL would be a good start, but some unique levels, weapons, enemies; something is going to have to surface to appease the PS3 fan base. And there is also the issue of an install on the hard drive. Will BioShock also have to adhere to the very PC-like practice of eating up more of the PS3’s storage? Let’s hope not.

[Via 1up]


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