Bioshock sequel is a prequel?

bioshock prequelWe all knew it was coming. A Bioshock sequel was bound to happen, and when 2K announced a second Bioshock game, we were wide-eyed with anticipation. Internet rumors, however, have been floating around that the second Bioshock game would actually be a prequel to its predecessor.

Rumors say that the prequel would focus on the fall of the underwater "utopia" Rapture, the original game’s setting. It would take place before the 1940s, letting us play the events that took place which ultimately brought down the society through greed and corruption.

Pre-production has already started with a hopeful release of 2009, making Take Two’s previous comments of turning the series into a franchise by releasing a game every two years viable. If true, the game will most likely be developed in 2K’s new studio, 2K Marin, as there are now job postings looking for computer animators. Bioshock’s creator, Ken Levine, is said to not be involved in the making of the next Bioshock game.

A game that takes place before the original is actually a good idea. The original game thrusted you into an unknown world that had gone through violent changes, and a prequel to such a strong story would be very fun to experience.

[ via next-gen]


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