BioWare talks side quests in Mass Effect 2

masseffectI haven’t played Mass Effect yet (still waiting for the May 6th PC release date) but BioWare admitted that the game’s side quests were in need of improvement. While Mass Effect has been released to critical acclaim for the Xbox 360, BioWare is certainly working these changes for Mass Effect 2.

Greg Zeschuk, general manager of BioWare, said that one of the things they’re looking at in Mass Effect 2 is a better way to auto-generate content for the various side planets and create more lucrative areas for players to spend time to explore.

"One of the things we’re looking at for sequels and some of our other games is better technical ways, smarter ways to auto-generate content, to create stuff that seems richer to the player.

Another thing we’re looking at – again not specific to one game, but just generally – is a way of tying those additional moments back into the story: whether it’s having to gather certain things for those other planets, kind of making them more central to the story but making sure that they’re still the supporting cast."

Zeschuk went on to compare the jump in new gameplay content in Baldur’s Gate to Baldur’s Gate II with Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. I certainly have plenty of fond memories of playing both BG games so to see its influences slowly encroach in Mass Effect 2 brings a smile to my face.

"We look at ‘Mass Effect 2’ as incredibly exciting. Just the amount of effort and knowledge and know-how that went into building the technology for the first one is huge, and [we now have] the chance to actually make things a little bit richer.

We look into BioWare’s history and we’re really aiming for what happened with ‘Baldur’s Gate II’ compared to what happened with ‘Baldur’s Gate’ one. ‘Baldur’s Gate’ one – extremely solid game, huge impact on the industry. But with ‘Baldur’s Gate II’ we just took it to a whole new level."

[Via MTV Multiplayer]


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