Blizzard Feels the Chill: Chinese WoW Boycott

Practically everyone knows that World of Warcraft is a huge success around the world. (If you didn,t, please check into the “Gamer Re-Education” ward.) WoW is such a success that it seems to be suffering from its own popularity. In China, an estimated 1.5 million dedicated players frequent the servers daily. But there is trouble. According to the Chinese news agency, Interfax, gamers in China are threatening a boycott of the game because of poor customer service from Blizzard operators. WoW gamers in China must wait long hours in queues before they can enter the magical online realm. Issues related to server breakdowns and malfunctions also plague the WoW faithful. Interfax reported that the public relations officer of The9 said, “We should first collect data and evidence, and will work together with Blizzard to look into this accident and evaluate the loss. We will provide compensation to those players involved based on the result of the investigation." The fast response is not only good customer service, it is good business. With over 1.5 million WoW accounts, Blizzard can ill afford to have poor service generate a boycott of their game. Time is money, and in this case, money is satisfied customers.


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