Blizzard teases us with something cold

blizz invitationalA new teaser splash page has been put up on the World of Warcraft official site showing players what seems to be a formation of ice crystals covering something behind it. With a new teaser being announced by none other than Blizzard, gamers have been contemplating what it could be. A good portion of the fanbase thinks that a Diablo III will be announced, of which I say not before hell freezes over. But then maybe that page is a teaser of hell freezing over? So much to contemplate indeed.

What we do know is that Blizzard’s Worldwide Invitational is being held in Paris this weekend in which we expect new info on World of Warcraft as well as Starcraft II to surface. That’s right people, there is no glimmer of hope inside my soul that says anything about a hopeful Diablo III announcement. So what could this teaser actually be? Well since the page first came out, I had a feeling it had something to do with a Wrath of the Lich King announcement, but not with a 100% assuredness. As the days pass the picture starts to "open up" and slowly reveal itself. At this point I am still skeptical to what it is, but my gut feeling was still the same, an announcement about WotLK.

As of today the ice crystals are breaking apart and behind it you can see a clear, winter like sky. I click on the page and it takes me directly to the World of Warcraft page where I suddenly spot another clue. The regular Burning Crusade logo that appears on the top left side of the site is changing. Half of it is in BC green while the other half is in WotLK blue. There, my fellow readers is the clue that tells it all. I put down my maginifying glass and take a puff from my pipe and say to you, "But of course, Blizzard is getting ready to announce the release date of Wrath of the Lich King, their next expansion." Don’t be surprised if Blizzard announces the release date between November and January,  they really like to "twist the nipples" of their felow gamers if you know what I mean. I guess a better example would’ve been "break our hearts"…


blizz splash


The above picture was how the splash page looked the first day it was launched. Visit the World of Warcraft official site to see how it looks now


UPDATE:  As pointed out by GN member MaxTheLimit (see comments on this page), reports that "confirmation from inside sources" tells them that Blizzard will indeed be announcing Diablo III at their Worldwide Invitational 2008 on Saturday, June 28th in Paris. How reliable these sources are still remains to be seen, but Diablo fans are surely excited now. Let’s see what happens this Saturday.

-Eddie Inzauto


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