Blu-ray headed for patent infringment lawsuit?

blu ray convictThe victory party for the Blu-ray camp over rival HD DVD may have started a little prematurely as word has come in that the US International Trade Commission is starting an investigation on the companies that were involved in the development of the Blu-ray technology. 

Gertrude Neumark Rothschild says she holds the patents on "certain [blue and violet] short-wavelength light emitting diodes, laser diodes, and products containing same."

While this may seem like another attempt to stake a claim on another companies success, Sony is no stranger to lawsuits brought against it for patent infringement. It recently lost a lawsuit to Immersion Corp. for lifting the rumble technology for the PlayStation Dual Shock 2 controllers.

If the ITC believes the claims by Rothschild have merit, the lawsuit may have far reaching consequences not only for how it will affect the Blu-ray market but for Sony’s PS3 as well. Sony has been struggling to keep PS3 costs down but if a lawsuit against Sony and other Blu-ray developers is successful, the cost of losing the lawsuit will most certainly be passed on to the consumer, and that would mean an increase in PS3 prices.

This scenario would be a nightmare for Sony as its PS3 has finally rounded the corner in being a popular game console. A raise in the PS3’s price would mean all of Sony’s efforts in making the PS3 more affordable and attractive to consumers would have all been for nothing.

[via 1up]


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