Brain powered games = science stealing our thoughts

Brains!I don’t know what it is with people and them trying to get inside my brain, but these guys just won’t let up! Here we have another product built by creepy scientists to try and get us to control videogames with our minds.

This type of thing has popped up a couple times before, but the bottom line is that these machines are built by scientists, not game designers. So for right now, these things have us relegated to moving boxes around with our brain.

Until these devices get out of the testing lab and into the hands of talented game designers, we won’t really have any idea how capable they are as game control mechanisms.

On a more skeptical note, am I the only one concerned by the potential spyware applications of a product like this? I mean we’ve seen what Sony does when we put their product into our computers–what is going to happen when we put their product into our brains?

I only say this half-jokingly too. Can you imagine what a marketing firm would give to get their hands on the actual brainwaves of their entire userbase?

[via BBC]


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