Brian Bendis comments on the deceased Marvel Universe

Marvel recently held an interview with Brian Michael Bendis (read: longtime writer for Marvel comics) and though the subject of the interview was meant to be about hardcore comic matters such as Skrulls and Dire Wraiths, the conversation nevertheless shifted towards videogames.

As it turns out, Bendis himself is a big gamer, but beyond that he was also an executive producer on the tragically departed Marvel Universe MMO. (I still have the introduction video saved on my 360’s hard drive. It hurts too much to delete it and admit that it’s gone.)

Perhaps the most heart-breaking part of Marvel Universe’s cancellation is that nobody ever bothered to tell us why. One day it was there, and one day it wasn’t. From the sound of Bendis’s own words, that’s pretty much the same way the folks on the development team felt too.

ComicMix: It’s no secret that you’re an avid gamer. Is there any comic character or title that you’d still like to see in a videogame that hasn’t popped up yet?

Bendis: Well, you’re talking to one of the executive producers of the ill-fated Marvel MMO that went away. I have my laptop here, and on it I have the "X-Mansion" level fully completed that only I and five other people have access to play. It’s gorgeous and fantastic and no one will ever see it. So I feel bad, because I think that MMO was a phenomenal idea that was extremely well executed and it went away because some guy at Microsoft who we’ll never know pulled the plug on it before it even got underway.

But adding to that, I think that they should take each of these Marvel events and turn them into a videogame franchise. "Civil War," which will be part of the next Ultimate Alliance, "House of M,"…

Isn’t that always the way it happens? Damn MS and their faceless executives ruining my console MMO fun! I’m keeping track; I will not forget. First True Fantasy Live Online, then Marvel Universe! Who art thou, faceless executive? Have at thee!


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