BSA tries to stop piracy by giving people $$$$ (and lots of it)

nail your bossThe Business Software Alliance (BSA) has raised their reward for the reporting of acts of software piracy from $200,000 to $1 million.

So, if you want to snitch on the CEO of your corporation because he/she just fired you, do it now. It may just make you…$1 million dollars.

The BSA will pay out these large sums to individuals, with some "restrictions", through October 2nd. The BSA also recently launched a new advertising campaign entitled "blow the whistle." The "blow the whistle" campaign mainly encourages people to rat out their companies for stealing software.

"Businesses often have a million excuses for having unlicensed software on office computers. BSA is now offering up to a million dollars for employees who turn them in." said Jenny Blank, BSA’s director of enforcement, in a statement.

Too bad Bill Gates doesn’t steal any software…that I know of… ;)


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