Budget problems for Gears of War movie?

gowDespite CliffyB being pretty happy for the upcoming Gears of War movie, everyone doesn’t seem to be happy on the business side. According to IESB.net, the film’s production company, New Line Cinema, is not moving ahead with the film due to budget concerns.

While video game to movie adaptations have seen better days, many film production companies are not keen on green lighting them due to past tremendous failures (Boll anyone?). Therefore studios are not really rushing to the front of the line to throw in a $100 million budget.

But on the flip side, films have been made that focused on other forms of entertainment, Transformers for example, and they’ve proven to be financially successful.

Nonetheless, hearing that the Gears of War movie may have been canned is pretty disheartening. I think New Line and Epic Games are seeing how the audience responds to the November 6th release of Gears of War for PC.

Still, while I think the reception will be lower than its Xbox 360 counterpart, hopefully it can generate some more interest in the game again, therefore shifting eyes to the movie. Hey, that’s what Bungie is thinking about the Halo movie and the recent release of Halo 3.


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