Bungie is still working on Halo, though not "Halo 4"

bungielogoSo with the news that Bungie has apparently left Microsoft, folks are wondering what Bungie’s next game will be. It looks like they’re not straying too far from the Halo tree since Bungie is already working on another Halo title, but it’s not necessarily Halo 4.

Instead, their next project is the dormant video game Halo project with Hollywood director Peter Jackson. The title has been shrouded in mystery for a few months, so now that Bungie can concentrate a little more on other projects it’ll only be a matter of time till more details between the Jackson/Bungie project leaks. Here’s the Q/A session between 1UP and Brian Jarrard, community lead for Bungie:

1UP: For all the super fans: does this mean Bungie won’t work on whatever "Halo 4" turns out to be?

Jarrard: Well we are already at work on another Halo game — I wouldn’t call it "Halo 4", but it is based in the Halo Universe and represents a collaboration between Bungie and Peter Jackson. Halo 3 was definitely not the last Bungie Halo game.

Despite some rumors that Bungie was sick of developing Halo games by now, Frank O’Connor, content manager at Bungie, said that Bungie still loves the Halo universe and, "If we [Bungie] ever return to the Halo universe, I’m sure we’d have cool stories to tell. The universe is, after all, infinite."


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