Can you kill a PS3? The answer might surprise you.

deathtops3This sounds like extreme boot camp for the PlayStation 3; the folks at PS3 Vault put a PS3 through a variety of extreme and hardcore tests to see if it can still perform adequately. In the end, the results were pretty surprising.

All three tests were performed with similar conditions; continuous 108 hours of use split between games and movies, the games of choice were Resistance: Fall of Man, MotorStorm and Enchanted Arms, 10 different Blu-Ray movies, and there were the same number of players during each test and the same controllers were used through each test.

The three tests represented three radically different environments, the first was your typical family room (temperature was at a comfortable 73 degrees F), the second was in back of a Freezer Van (temperatures started at 50 degrees F and progressed down to 0 degrees F) and the third was a Heat Sauna (temperatures started at 100 degrees F and increased up to 120 degrees F).

So what were the results? The PS3 passed all three tests with flying colors; there weren’t any crashes or any lock-ups. Even in extreme cold or hot environments, the PS3 was fully playable and maintained its use for all 108 hours in each test. I wouldn’t even bet the Xbox 360 could last that long.


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