Capcom Plans to Head Into Hollywood

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Japanese video game publisher Capcom is planning to head deeper into Hollywood territory by licensing its own properties for film adaptations along with developing new games based on licensed properties. Sony Pictures’ Resident Evil film series is already getting a third film, film rights to Onimusha and Devil May Cry have already been purchased, and a new Street Fighter movie is due in 2008, which will focus on Chung-Li. In the meantime, Capcom has hired former THQ licensing executive Germaine Gioia to explore licensed game development. Gioia helped build THQ’s strong bond with licensed movie/TV show game developers, and will now help Capcom shift resources into the area.

Gioia stated, "I think it is becoming clear that the very largest successful publishers are delivering more and more of a balance to the marketplace. They need (not only) their own intellectual property and good solid original development but (also) licensed product that can reach across cultures."

Now that video games are proving to be an entertainment front-runner, it’s only a matter of time before more and more video game companies branch out into the Hollywood scene. Still, this crossover isn’t exactly in its prime, especially with some horrific video game movie adaptations like Alone in the Dark and Bloodrayne headlining the long list of poor game-to-film adaptations. Nonetheless, if more Japanese publishers step up, as Sega, Konami, and Namco Bandai already have, then the crossover can only be improved.


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