Casual game saves Majesco from the brink of doom

cooking mamaCasual games are here to stay. Sorry hardcore crowd. But in most cases this is great since we are getting more people into the pastime we have all loved for so many years. Finally, the rest of the universe is finally accepting we were right all along.

Even better is due to the popularity of casual games; studios who were once finding themselves in financial straights are now rolling in the cash. Translation? More games for us to enjoy. The latest case of this is Majesco, who is behind the popular Cooking Mama franchise. To put it in dollar amounts, a year prior to when Cooking Mama was released, the net income for Majesco was minus two hundred thousand dollars.

Fast forward one year, and now Majeso is looking at a 2.4 million dollar income. What a difference one casual game makes. As a result Majeso is continuing on within the casual game genre by working on more titles.

The latest it disclosed was Our House for DS. No doubt an extension of Cooking Mama, where players will have to do tasks to keep their homestead in top condition. Can doing chores be fun? Majesco made cooking into a compelling game, so I’m hopeful they can do the same with folding sheets.

[Via Next Generation]


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