Cheating gets you red carded

RedcardConsider yourself warned. If you cheat in Pro Evolution Soccer, Konami will strike down upon you with furious vengeance. Not only will you be barred from any competitions (such as the one that is going on now for preorder costumers) but you will also be banned from their online leader boards for a year. 

Konami just banned one of their top players due to cheating so don’t think you’re going to get any leeway here. The current tournament has a prize of £50,000 ($100,670). That is some serious cash, and Konami needed to have some serious rules.

I always think it’s great when cheaters get punished. It may be the cynic in me, or it may be the lawyer-game player, either way, I’m glad Konami is making sure their online experience is top notch. And to ensure a smooth experience sometimes you have to be drastic.

We play games to enjoy ourselves. To play a game where the guy on the other end is cheating just rubs me the wrong way. Our leisure time shouldn’t be disrupted by cheaters. I’m glad Konami is bringing down the ban hammer. I would hope that more publishers keep tabs on their games and make sure no shenanigans are going on, but we know that it’s not a perfect world.



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