China uses Counter-Strike for police training

counter-strikeIn China, the government has strict regulations on… well everything, including the videogame industry. We’re not talking a couple of angry parents rallying together to protest the newest edition of Grand Theft Auto.

We’re talking crazy amounts of censorship, and even government sanctioned time limits on online gaming.

Sounds like my childhood…

But now there’s an exception for a select few. There’s always an exception. Police forces in Tianjin China are now using Counter-Strike as an alternative training tool, with the idea of "enhancing police forces through technology."

300 Tianjin police officers invaded and commandeered a local internet café last Wednesday for a three-day training competition. They even had a special group of judges to ensure there would be no cheating.

These training sessions have made over half the force regular players. Zhang Bin, one of the organizers of the competition confirms that "they play, or should I say train, after work." Let’s just hope they don’t "train" with the punk kids I do via Steam, otherwise that’s going to be one frustrated and angry police force.

Good news is many, officers have reported noticeable improvement on the field after play. Either that or they just said that so they would get assigned more time playing Counter-Strike.



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