Cliffy B says GoW2 will have 5 times more action

gears2Cliff Bleszinski, aka Cliffy B, the lead designer for Gears of War 2, said that the game would be "larger," but didn’t really go too deeply on the comments he made earlier this week. But in an interview with CVG, Bleszinski added a tad more elaboration for Gears fans.

He said Gears of War 2 would have five times more action than the first Gears.

"The character lighting is vastly improved, the environment is chippable and the tress get knocked down as physics objects. There’s just so much sh*t going on, it’s five times bigger this time. I think it shows the [Unreal Engine] got smoother."

The original Gears was no sloth in the action area and Cliffy is promising five times more in the new Gears? How did his development team do it?

"It’s sheer hard work, a lot of practice, having artists that are smart with where they spend their polygons and just getting the most out of the 360. Because it’s not as if the 360’s getting any better, it is what it is; a fixed platform. The mountain needs to go to Mohammad in this instance."

From recent impressions coming from various sources in the game community, it seems as if Cliffy B and his team were successful in moving that mountain.


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