Cliffy B says no upgradable weapons in Gears 2

lancerGears of War fans have dreamed about making their Lancer rifle and other weapons better. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to upgrade with better ammo or a more powerful chainsaw? With the coming of Gears of War 2, some of us hoped that upgrades for the weapons would be possible.

But those dreams have been fragged by Cliff Bleszinksi, lead developer for Gears, as he stated flatly that this would not be happening in Gears 2.

Cliffy B said, "We’re not really that kind of game. We’re not going to allow you to bling out your gun. The Lancer’s a Lancer, Gus is Gus, and Marcus is Marcus. Those are the identities we’re sticking with."

Then he switched gears, so to speak, to say a few words about how Gears of War 2 is shaping up.

"Just the other day I was driving in this icy level with a tank and power-sliding through Locusts and Gus goes, ‘Locust roadkill, baby. Squish. Squish. Squash. Squash.’ It was just freakin’ great. And then when you shoot you’re knocking over trees because we have more destroyable objects and you shoot your Boomshot and everything shatters apart."

So how is Gears 2 going to be different from the first Gears?

"Gears was heavy and Gears was chunky and Gears felt satisfying. And Gears 2 is just really taking that to the next level. It’s just cooler and more visceral."

Ok, so maybe being able to bling our weapons isn’t such a big thing after all when you consider what Bleszinksi and friends are doing to improve the game.

But still, it would have been nice to upgrade…

[via CVG]


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