Cliffy B talks Gears of War for Windows

GearsGuysIn a lengthy interview conducted by, Cliff Blezinski (the game’s lead game designer) and Rod Fergusson (the title’s producer) discussed the matter of bringing the experience to a new platform (PC) while retaining the same experience many Xbox 360 owners were fortunate enough to partake in last year.

When Cliffy was asked whether or not he was concerned about the game appealing to the "more hardcore" audience that PC gamers often tend to be perceived as, the respected industry super star responded by including the many casual gamers who primarily play their favorite games on their personal computer.

"I think it’s possible that your average PC guy is a little bit more hardcore, but if you look at the millions and millions of people that have been pulled into WoW [World of Warcraft], from hardcore people to grandmas and girlfriends and wives alike, I think there’s still plenty of casual people as well on the PC," stated Blezinski.

Considering the fact that the game is immensely accessible to those who aren’t familiar with third person shooters on consoles, Epic seems to be believe it can overcome that same feat once more.

Perhaps the one thing most gamers are eagerly waiting for in the upcoming version is taking on the building sized, chain gun wielding behemoth, the Brumak. Midway through the interview, Cliffy briefly comments on how the game will make use of scripted events leading up to the epic confrontation many are waiting for.

"Having the Brumak really be there, active, when you’re in gameplay, is a really engaging experience. He’s there and he’s stalking you throughout the entire level. It’s like you need a restraining order on the big bastard. It’s cool stuff."


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