Co-operative zombie killing! Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

If there is one series that guarantees a stressful, terrifying and rewarding experience with each installment, Resident Evil is it.

Despite the fact the beloved series had a considerably lengthy growing pain process in the gameplay department, ranging from the first game (PS1, Saturn) all the way to Code: Veronica (first released for Dreamcast and ported over to the PS2 and GameCube with additional content), it had gotten over that troublesome hump with the release of the groundbreaking Resident Evil 4.

However, in between the gap of releases of the main games in the franchise, there were a few spin-offs going by the sub-title Gun Survivor, all of which featured first-person gunplay.

Unfortunately, the majority of them weren’t the slightest bit decent.

Capcom isn’t giving up on delivering a satisfying first person shooter, though. In an attempt to break free from the Gun Survivor stigma, the company is intelligently developing the game under the subtitle Umbrella Chronicles.

Utilizing the Wiimote, players will traverse through familiar looking environments by assuming the different characters seen in Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 3, and Resident Evil Code: Veronica.

The title will be broken up into different stages to tell the intriguing story of the rise and fall of the pharmaceutical entity known as Umbrella Corp, responsible for the creation of the disasterous viruses that mutate innocent homosapiens into nightmarish creatures that have one objective: turn you into one of them.

Another interesting fact worth noting is that depending on which character the player selects, the game will begin in an entirely different area from other characters in relation to the storyline.

Luckily for players who were always far too frightened to play any Resident Evil title alone, it has recently been announced that Umbrella Chronicles will feature two player co-op.

If anything, blasting away zombies in the dark corridors of the mansion from RE1 should be less nerve-wracking and more amusing with a friend pressing away at the trigger located on the belly of the Wiimote (unless they’re a lousy shot, in which case you will most likely be better at fending them off by yourself).

GamerNode will be sure to update you on Capcom’s first light-gun horror title for the Wii, as more details will likely become available once E3 begins in just a few short days.




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