Codemasters' CEO says Wii might not last

nintendowiiA lot of people love the Nintendo Wii, including the Queen of England! While Nintendo has been enjoying plenty of success with its platforms, some game publishers are saying the opposite.

Rod Cousens, CEO of Codemasters, voiced some comments to GameDaily BIZ about Nintendo’s console dominance and the possible introduction of a Wii successor.

Cousens points out that Nintendo has been widely successful for its games on its own platforms. While that’s great, it leaves out other third-party developers who are itching for the spotlight.

"The global event that’s been marked as a surprise for most people is the huge success that Nintendo’s achieved in every territory… The challenge that third-party software publishers face in supporting that market is that it’s clearly a market dominated by the first party and always has been."

Cousens ends with the possibility of a Wii successor. He points out that Nintendo may need another console to sustain the movement it created for itself by first introducing the Wii.

"I could give you an argument that says there’s going to be a ‘Wii 2’ pretty quickly because [Nintendo would need one] in order to sustain momentum over a 10-year period. And what type of software would it have then? Because right now it isn’t driven by technological supremacy or power."


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