Could Crytek get Das Boot?

crysis1There’s nothing like getting kicked out of your home country to get your blood boiling. German developer Crytek is facing a possible ban if they don’t stop developing violent video games, according to comments from Crytek founder Avni Yerli.

In a translated article, The Conference of Interior Ministers already called for a ban on violent computer games for the first time in May. While this may be pretty harsh, they’re currently working on a less drastic draft of the ban that’ll include specific protection of children and youth from violent computer games.

Instead of an outright ban of a game, Crytek will be indexed by the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons; only then will their games stop being advertised or sold to children.

So, of course, this law will certainly affect Crytek, if they decide to stay in Germany. In the meantime, Yerli thought up some other possible locations just in case. And if Crytek decides to move out of Germany, the country will lose its biggest game developer and certainly will lose ground in the competitive game business.

"Budapest is a lovely city. We already have a branch office there… Especially England, Scotland, Austria and Singapore are very active."

Far Cry, Crytek’s debut game, sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide, but the game was blacklisted due to its violence in Germany. This week, Crytek will be showcasing their second game, Crysis. The development budget, according to the article, was reported to be over 16 million Euros ($21.57 million). Crytek currently employees over 130 individuals from around the world.


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