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On January 4, 2006, Creative Technology Labs announced the addition of a new product called ZenCast. ZenCast, which was demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is the newest product to use to create, assess, and transfer audio and video blogs to certain Creative Zen MP3 players. ZenCast will also be able to function in the capacity for people to broadcast their own show. The ZenCast website has links to various podcasts, which can be listened to via this same application. The users of ZenVision and ZenVision:M can download a beta version of ZenCast at Creative Labs, in trying to secure marketshare, has been trying to change the way people identify the word podcast. Podcast, was Oxford Dictionary’s new word of the year for 2005, and is highly biased, in Creative Labs’ mind, towards the maker of the iPod, Apple. Creative Labs has submitted that from now on Podcast should be interpreted as "Personal On Delivery" cast. Have you been looking for a wireless web camera to monitor your home while you are away? Creative Technology Labs has also announced just such a web camera. What makes this different? Well, it™s wireless. The LIVE! Wireless uses a wireless network for remote viewing. This means, good bye to those pesky wires that are cluttering your place as you try to keep an eye on what the cat has been doing while you are away. A demonstration will be held during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. A secure web address can be set up to dedicate to the camera, and will be able to be viewed from most internet enabled devices, including PDA™s and cell phones. There is also an option to be able to access your home PC while away. This system will operate as 802.11g, and will use 640X480 resolution, in real time.


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