Cryptic Studios reveals Star Trek Online

Star TrekThere are many IPs that people would love to see an MMO for. One of these IPs is Star Trek. With its vast characters, large expansions of planets and intergalactic travel, fans of the show wouldn’t mind living in such a universe if they were given a a chance. It is good to say that Cryptic Studios has officially announced Star Trek Online and unveiled a website for the MMO that is still in development.

The developer has also released a handful of screenshots and promises to reveal gameplay footage at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention on August 10. For those of you unable to make the trip, Cryptic will be streaming the presentation online for everyone to see. 

Is Star Trek worth a dive in the sea of MMOs that we have today? Do you think it stands a chance to carve a niche in the industry and maintain afloat amongst the other hundreds of MMOs that have been flooding the market? The real question is whether it can land a spot in the top 10 most popular MMOs list and stay their for a long period of time, pleasing the players and developers alike. For those of you who are concerned at the fact that such a popular franchise is opening the door to the virtual world, let Jack Emmert’s letter to the community fill you with hope.

"There are few other fictional backgrounds that fit the MMORPG medium so well. After all, Star Trek was never about a single character, ship or even planet; Star Trek was always about an entire universe. And MMORPGs are uniquely suited to create such a thing and allow players to explore every inch. Admittedly, Star Trek has its challenges. We want to make a game that best captures the real essence of Star Trek. We see Star Trek as much about exploration as combat. As much about the variety of alien civilizations as it is about the core Vulcans, Klingons, Humans, etc. It’s going to be an exciting ride over the coming months as we begin to unveil STO. I can’t wait." 

For screenshots of the game, check out the newly unveiled website here.

[via Massively]


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