Crysis 1.2 patch details

Crysis 1.2 PatchDetails of the upcoming Crysis 1.2 patch have been revealed in a weekly news update from the Crysis Dev Team.

Posted on the CryMod Forums, the news update covers some of the cheat protection to be implemented, along with bug fixes, a mod loader and multiplayer balancing issues. Also included was a WIP changelog of the 1.2 patch:


1. Optimizations and Stability

– Fixed crash with AI triangulation in the editor.

2. General Fixes/tweaks

– If climbing a ladder while cloaked, energy no longer depletes at the same rate as if player were standing still.
– Mouse cursor will no longer be permanently removed on attaching gamepad.

3. Weapons

– Decreased air speed of grenade launcher projectile for better readability.
– Added smoke trail to grenade launcher shell for better visibility.

4. Vehicles (already introduced further above)

– Added overheat sounds for VTOL and helicopter guns.
– Fixed issue where the AA cannon only produces tracers from the left side barrels.
– Added first person view limits for helicopter, VTOL and APC rear seats.
– Helicopter wind effect no longer plays after vehicle is destroyed.
– Increased VTOL vulnerability to being hit by other aircraft cannons.

5. Singleplayer

– Increased player melee damage and decreased AI melee damage.
– Increased damage of most player-fired weapons and decreased damage of most AI-fired weapons.

6. Multiplayer

– Team killed players will no longer drop their weapon.
– Grenades are now visible in the hands of enemies in multiplayer.

7. New Features (already introduced further above)

– Added mod loader to the main menu. User created content can now be loaded and unloaded through this menu.


It’s good to see Crytek doing consistent weekly updates with plenty of information on patches and gameplay issues. Bravo Crytek, bravo.

[via Crymod]


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