Crysis DX10 features unlockable in Windows XP

CrysisWith the release of the Crysis single-player demo just last week, it wasn’t going to take long for people to start fiddling around with config files to try and tweak the game.

In the process though, one user managed to find a way to activate certain DirectX 10 and "Very High" graphical features when running the game in Windows XP.

LennyRhys (from the Crysis-Online Forums) has discovered a way of editing the configuration files so that the "High" graphical setting’s attributes are replaced by the "Very High" graphical attributes.

Now it may sound a bit confusing at first but if you follow the instructions in this thread, you’ll be up and running in no time.

The "Very High" settings add things like light beams, more realistic water, a better depth of field affect and more realistic shadows and textures. Some of these features were purported to be DirectX 10 and therefore Windows Vista, exclusive, so it’s good to see that they do function properly in Windows XP under DirectX 9.0c.

Of course, this trick is only going to work with rigs running Windows XP that get playable frame-rates when the game is running on "Medium" to "High" settings, so there’s no point in trying this trick if you have to run the game on "Low" to get a decent frame rate.

[via Crysis-Online]


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