Crytek defends Crysis' high system requirements

CrysisCrysis is one behemoth of a game. By far the most spectacular looking computer game on the market–something Crytek was successful in achieving. So why has it been getting so much flak from gamers?

Well because you need one behemoth of a computer to enjoy it in its full glory. Cevat Yerli, the boss over at Crytek however defends the system requirements that they put out for the game.

"I think an important distinction that many gamers overlooked was that we designed ‘medium’ settings to look and play great. Our ‘medium’ setting should run great on 70 percent of gaming PCs.

"I definitely think that we need to continue to educate gamers about our settings. As we’ve been saying all along, Crysis looks and runs great on medium and high settings on gaming rigs that are 2-3 years old. Our primary goal is to always make the best possible games, first and foremost", he explained.

He says (and I agree) that most gamers, when they get a new game for the PC, go straight for the settings and run it all on high. And as Yerli stated, with a game like Crysis, the "medium" setting is supposed to be the default for great looking graphics for PC’s 2-3 years old. The "high" setting, for newer beefed up computers, and the "very high" for state of the art computers.

Do you think the high system requirements hindered the game’s initial sales? Is it ok to make a game for a small PC demographic just to achieve the sense of "most realistic"?

[via computerandvideogames]


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