Custom Stages Coming to Brawl

Create your own levels!Well, it looks like Nintendo finally has gotten its act together. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is going to give gamers the ability to construct custom levels. That’s right ladies and gentlemen; Brawl has its own map editor. Not excited yet? It gets better. Not only will maps be saveable on the SD memory cards, in case a friend has an awesome creation you’re dying to download, but they will be also be distributed online.

Any map created can be sent to Nintendo via the Wi-Fi connection, and from there Nintendo will release a new user created map each day. This map will automatically download to the Wii, and from there be full playable. These maps will only be available for one day, however.

Thank you Nintendo for seeing the light, and embracing the online component of the gaming market. With a legion of devoted Nintendo fans, there is no question a crop of amazing custom maps will be downloadable almost by day one of Brawl’s launch. Brawl’s launch can’t come soon enough; the recently announced delay seems to sting all the more after this exciting revelation.

In the meantime, go check out Dac’s latest Super Smash Bros. themed feature, The Competitive Brawl.

[Via Super Smash Bros. Dojo]


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