Customizable loadouts and more coming for TF2

tf2heavyguyQuite a few changes are coming to Team Fortress 2 in the upcoming weeks. Soon enough, we’ll be getting some Pyro and Soldier tweaks, in addition to some Medic enhancements including more achievements. But what’s in store for the entire game itself?

Valve first has two new maps that are ready for release; one of which is called cp_badlands, which will introduce a new game mode called Goldrush.

Goldrush will entail the Blu team escorting a mining cart through a series of dustbowl-like map segments with the object of the map is to bring the cart all the way to Red’s HQ within the time limit.

One of the biggest gameplay additions to TF2 will be customizable weapon loadouts. By default, the Medic’s loadout is the syringe gun, the healing ray gun and a bonesaw but through earning new achievements, players can get additional weapons to outfit their character’s loadout before a match.

So for the Medic, new weapons for the healing class include an Overhealer, which permanently doubles someones’ health for the sake of a weaker charging Ubercharge and another healing ray.

Count me excited folks, a great game just got better! 

[Via CVG]


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