Dad sells pot smoking son's GH III for $9100 on eBay

GH III guitarIf you will recall last week, we reported a story about a dad in Canada who came home early from work one day with a gift for his son–the very rare and sought after Guitar Hero III.

His son would have been thrilled if not for the fact that his buddies and him were all partaking of a few joints when his father arrived on the scene. Big whoops! The dad decided to punish his son by selling GH III on eBay.

The bidding is over now and a buyer has purchased Guitar Hero III for an incredible $9,100.01.

Now we’re wondering, did the buyer take a few hits off of those joints as well?

The bidding for the item seemed to have reached a plateau at around the $222 mark a few days ago when suddenly, aspire1700computer, a bidder on eBay, started to not only bid, but continually placed bids against himself until the price reached the $9,100.01 mark.

If you ask us, this looks a little fishy and someone may have entered these bids to teach the dad a lesson. We’ll see if the final bid was legitimate or not within a few days. But if the bid is genuine, the dad and son will certainly be celebrating, er, without the pot of course.


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