The Q: Can Wii survive past this year without another big Nintendo exclusive?

dqThere’s no question that the Wii is a bigger success than anyone imagined it would be–but is its time up? With most of the normal Nintendo giants out of the way–and still little to no third party support for the little white system–can it possibly last much longer?

I’ve believed the Wii would steadily decline after Mario Kart and Boom Blox since last year, and that’s still my stance today.

After this week, and the release of Boom Blox there isn’t too many big games left for Nintendo. Well, Wii Fit for one, but I don’t think that will succeed as well here as it did in Japan. That leaves Animal Crossing and Star Fox as the last two popular franchises with today’s gamers, but neither has performed well with recent console titles.

So are the Wii’s days numbered? Or will we see some non-Nintendo games (or other Zelda/Mario games) out next year to keep Nintendo afloat in the console market?


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