The Q: Could the ESA be doomed?

I am one who strongly supports the ESA and the ESRB. Having an Entertainment Software Association to act like a band of brothers when the going gets tough has done a lot for the industry. The ESA has stood up for games and the freedom that publishers have to create games in front of congress on more than one occasion.

Earlier this month we learned that Activision/Vivendi were leaving the ESA thinking they would be better off alone. I chalked it up to getting a big head because they are the largest publisher. But now, something strange is happening; LucasArts left two weeks ago, and now iD software has also announced they have left the ESA.

I ask you, community, Is the ESA Doomed?

The largest publisher is gone, and now it seems the smaller ones are making their way to the door. Who will be there when more porn gets slipped into the Wall-E game? Or when someone parents group blames videogames for their antisocial kids and is on the hunt for blood. There was a kind of protection out there with the ESA, but as more companies leave there is less of a reason for the remainder to stay.


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