The Q: Do you play movie games?

DQ It is Friday, May 2nd and that means it’s the first summer movie blockbuster weekend. And where there are summer movie blockbusters, there are movie tie-in games. It is on this day that the Iron Man movie game is released, so I thought that should be the subject of our Daily Q.

Do you play movie games? Why?

As a rule I stay away. I haven’t played a direct movie tie-in game since the Toy Story 2 game on the PS1, but people seem to buy these things by the truckload. The Cars game was the best selling game of 2006. Yeah, it was on a whopping 12 platforms but that’s still pretty impressive.

The problem we have as gamers is picking the crappy titles and staying as far away as possible. The most dangerous titles are the movie tie-ins. Ever since I played Super Star Wars on the SNES I have been wary of movie games. The part where you have to use Luke’s speeder to run over Jawas was just weird.

The Iron Man game is tempting, as were the Spider-Man games before it. I just have to hold true to my principles. But that doesn’t mean you have to.

[Creighton DeSimone]


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