The Q: Getting stuck part two

dq Getting stuck in a videogame can be a horrible experience. Aside from the frustration and occasional broken controller, it can also lead you to do things that make you feel dirty like using cheat codes, or walkthroughs.

In this multi-part, multi-day Q we will talk about getting stuck/being stuck and the results that follow. Today we move on to physical manifestations of getting stuck and therefore frustrated at games.

What have you done to vent the inner frustration from getting stuck?

I have seen many things in my time as a gamer. We’ve all seen the smashing of controllers, either throwing them to the ground or (now that they are wireless) throwing them into walls or perhaps out windows.

The craziest thing I’ve seen goes back to the Sega Genesis days. A friend of mine was stuck on a game for hours. After another death he pulled back on the controller and pulled the Genesis off the TV stand onto the ground. He then leaned foreword and tossed the Sega across the room. It was at that point that I left his house and walked down the block to mine. I wish I could remember what game we were playing but I haven’t the foggiest.

As for me, I just curse. A lot. I don’t throw things, or hit things, or kick things. But a seemingly endless stream of profanity spews from my lips during the ninth, tenth, eleventh, etc. attempt at completing a mission.


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