The Q: What is missing from GTA4?

dqOk, this is the last GTA question for at least 10 days… most likely. So it’s been nearly a month since GTA4 launched. I’ve played a little bit, I’m sure many of you have played a lot more. I’m mostly watching my roommate play though it. In fact, he’s playing it as I write this and that got me thinking about today’s Q.

What features are missing from Grand Theft Auto 4?

I won’t talk about my personal opinions of the game, as I’m sure you are all sick of hearing about them. But I am sure there are things within the game that you wish were improved, or things that you wish were present in the game. There is one thing that would have been completely awesome in GTA, and that’s the ability to capture and share video.

Halo 3 introduced one of the best features in multiplayer; saving your games and editing them into clips then sharing them with your friends. If you had some ridiculous grenade toss you can show everyone. GTA is an open world game and allows you to do even more. There are ramps throughout the city just so you can screw around, but if no one can see it, it’s kind of less fun.

How many times have you wanted to show other friends how you escaped a car chase, or landed a sick jump, or bounced off three cars and did a 180 in mid air only to land on the roof of a building? Probably every time you play. GTA needs the ability to save the last 1-3 minutes of gameplay. And then allow you to send it to your friends.

I’m not asking for anything over the top, like multiple angles, or floating camera, or the ability to edit. Just constantly be holding onto the last 1-3 minutes then at any time be able to save that off and store it. Because you don’t know when you’re going to hit the curb and send some old lady flying into a garbage truck. But when you do, everyone on your friends list should see it.


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