The Q: What is your go-to game?

dqI was rattling my brain trying to come up with a solid Q for today when my roommate stumbled upon an answer for me. We were discussing pick up and play games like Rayman on the Wii when he asked what games I play when there are no games to play. The kinds of games you play when you don’t want to do too much but you still want to play a game. I thought it was such a good Q that I am now posing it to the community.

What is your go-to game?

My immediate thought was Geometry Wars on the 360. I throw that on every now and then. It’s quick to load, there’s no searching for a disc and I’m relatively satisfied if I only play for 15 minutes.

My roommate’s answer is Mario Kart on the DS. Same idea really. Quick to pickup and play, races only last about 3 minutes and you’re completely satisfied after only a few races. But that’s more of the pick up and play genre.

When there is nothing to play I like to go into my backlogs and pull out a Zelda game. Last summer I played through a little more than half of Majora’s Mask. One summer I played through A Link To The Past. But I only like to play those when I can devote large amounts of time, like several months, to the cause. If I’m just waiting a few days for a game to be released it’s Geometry Wars.


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