The Q: What started you on gaming?

DQI was a casual gamer before the term even became popular. By that I mean I wasn’t a hardcore gamer but still enjoyed the occasional videogame now and then.

I really began some ‘serious’ gaming when I started playing the Sega Genesis. There was a game called Zero Tolerance, an FPS that most people would call lame by today’s standards, but I remember playing untold hours on that game till my fingers ached.

But the incident that sealed my fate as a dedicated gamer was when I bought the original PlayStation and got into a couple of little games called Final Fantasy VII and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. These two games basically defined what I loved about video games — an alternate world to play in and lots of neat adventures and puzzles.

After that, I never turned back.

So, just what was it that started you on your road of gaming?


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