The Q: What's the best controller of all time?

GN FeatureAfter yesterday’s rumble, I figured I’d delve even further into the war of the videogame consoles and ask specifically about controllers.

In my opinion, Nintendo has always been the biggest innovator in videogame controllers. The Big N always seems to think something is wrong with the way we’re manipulating what we see on-screen, and then creates a solution for those problems. But have they created the best controllers in videogame history? Or has someone else?

By now, we have seen a great number of controller designs from a multitude of manufacturers, and we all have our favorites. To me, Microsoft has nailed it with the Xbox 360 controller. Its four equidistant and equal-sized face buttons, two analog triggers, two traditional shoulder buttons, an intuitive and functional dual-analog + d pad layout, ergonomic design, and wireless connectivity make it the closest thing I can think of to a perfect controller. I’m sure it will be beaten one day, but for now, it’s my champion. How about you?

What is the greatest videogame controller of all time?

[Eddie Inzauto]


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