The Q: Which games exceeded your expectations?

Daily QWelcome to the late edition of the Daily Q. Today I’ve been thinking about videogames. More specifically, I’ve been thinking about really good videogames; the ones that you never expected to be as great as they ultimately were; the ones that totally exceeded expectations.

They’re out there. They come along every now and then to remind us that in this industry that so often hands us let-downs and leaves us with the broken remains of our once-high hopes, there is justice and there are pleasant surprises. Those surprises are the subject of my question:

Which games have totally exceeded your expectations?

There have been quite a few to do this throughout my gaming career, so I am going to stick with the most recent pair that stand out in my mind. The first is Bioshock, which I never really got preemptively excited for, so when it hit me with its raw excellence, it hit me hard. It even managed to become one of my favorite games of this console generation (and probably all-time). The other unexpected gem was Penumbra: Black Plague, which came out of nowhere to impress me with its unique gameplay, well-played characters, and intriguing plot.

I could go back in time and list pages full of great, expectation-exceeding games, but then I’d leave no room for everyone else. So comment it up, GN faithful, and let us know which games did it for you.

[Eddie Inzauto]


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