Dark Sector multiplayer details

Dark SectorFrom what we’ve seen so far, Dark Sector will likely deliver an incredible single player experience. The modern videogame community, however, is just as interested in online multiplayer as they are in the game’s core adventure. What, then, does Dark Sector’s multiplayer have to offer?

According to WorthPlaying, the game’s multiplayer will be broken up into just two gametypes: Infection and Epidemic (do I sense a theme here?).  Hopefully that will be augmented via some free dowloadable content soon.

In an Infection match, one player will assume the role of the game’s protagonist, while up to nine opponents work together as Lasrian Troopers to bring him down. Once a player kills Hayden, he or she will assume the role of "the infected" and a new round will begin. Points will be earned with each kill, and victory will be achieved by either having the most points at the end of a set time limit or by reaching a certain number of points before everyone else.

In Epidemic mode, one player on each team will take control of a Hayden clone, and will act as a big, fat target for the opposition. While players will be able to kill any member of the enemy team, only Hayden will be worth points. Rounds will end each time a Hayden falls, and the match will end either after a set time limit or when one team reaches a points goal.

Dark Sector’s multiplayer will allow up to 10 players to compete on any of ten maps, and will include online leaderboards (the Xbox 360 version will make use of the TrueSkill ranking system) and the use of bots (for those of us with whom nobody wants to play). The Xbox 360 online options seems slightly more robust, featuring a Quick game option, a Custom game option, and a Ranked game option.

Dark Sector will find its way onto store shelves on March 25th.


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